Month: September 2019

As mentioned in my previous post, we’re carbage running, so I needed a car. The criteria are simple:

  • It has to be from 1999 or before
  • It has to be worth € 500 or less
  • It has to bring us from The Netherlands to Ukraine and back.

After a few weeks of searching the web, I found a ’99 Volvo V40 2.0T and bought it. As to be expected from a car that’s both cheap and old, it does indeed need some TLC. Regular maintenance is long overdue, the timing belt needs to be replaced, there is rust all over and a fender bender screwed up the alignment of the headlights. Apart from the maintenance and the timing belt replacement all of these issues would definitely be a problem at the next yearly inspection (which is due February ’20). And then there are some cosmetic issues like the upholstery coming loose/disintegrating, but more on that later.

We also picked a team name: Fred & Wilma. In memory of our cat Pebbles, who died earlier this year at the age of 20.

We decided we’re going to do the Carbage run next year. For those who don’t know: The Carbage run is a 5-day road trip in a car that’s at least 20 years old and is worth € 500 or less.

What does that have to do with making stuff, the topic of this blog?

Probably more than you might think. Apart from the fact that a 20-year-old might need some TLC before I trust it to bring us to Ukraine and back or even pass the yearly inspection, there is the tradition of pimping it up. Most (if not all) contestants will pimp their car with lots of lights, horns and a lot of useless crazy stuff too. There is € 500 to be won in the originality contest. But I’m quite sure most people just pimp their ride because it’s fun. It will definitely lead to some maker projects. Stay tuned!