Vinyl wrapping

Ever since we decided on the team name (Fred & Wilma) for the Carbage run, we have been thinking about how to make the Volvo look more like the Flintstone mobile. We thought about wrapping it in wood grain vinyl wrap, but we couldn’t quite figure out which part should be wrapped exactly and, equally important, what to do with the rest of the car. After some time we decided to wrap the entire car in orange vinyl wrap and make black stains on it (like Fred Flintstone’s outfit). And some printed stickers to pimp it up a little but more on that later.

We never wrapped a car before so we watched quite some YouTube howtos. We ordered some vinyl, a squeegee, borrowed a heat gun and started fiddling around with it. We probably made it more difficult by buying some (relatively) cheap no-name vinyl wrap rather than 3M, VViViD or Avery, but we can’t say for sure because we’ve never tried those.

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